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Ukraine Welcomes You

Welcome to JC-Travel - a travel agency for those who are interested in visiting Ukraine and want to learn more about local culture as it is.
Each member of our professional energetic team is dedicated to the idea of organizing safe, enjoyable and exciting trips around Ukraine by microbuses or personal autos. We work with individual travelers as well as with groups of tourists, companies of friends and families willing to discover Ukrainian wonders. You can choose from fixed schedule tours or contact us to request a specially planed individual trip or group journey.

Why travel by bus/auto and why with us?

1. Safety and comfort is a principal requirement for every our tour. We are fully responsible for each aspect of your trip during the period of your visit to Ukraine. Your group or you personally will be permanently accompanied by an English speaking guide who is also an interpreter, assistant and helper.

We avoid night trips and plan the tours so our guests always have enough time for good rest. The maximum distance for one ride is 310 miles (500 km) with time planned or sightseeing, excursions, coffee breaks and lunch/dinner time.

2. Flexibility is an essential part of traveling around Ukraine by bus or private auto. Being late for a train won’t be a question any more even if you happen to get stuck in a traffic jam, forget departure time or lose your ticket. During individual tours we are ready to deviate from the original route at the request of the client.

3. We offer favorable prices. You do not pay more to rent a bus or a car because we drive own vehicles. The discounts for hotel services that we get from our partners throughout Ukraine enable us to reduce the total cost of your package.

Currently, high cost train fare in Ukraine does not always correspond to the level of service, therefore travelling by bus or car is more advantageous and comfortable.

4. We plan unique routes and find individual approach to every tourist. Driving through the country and sightseeing on the way is the best way to see more sides of Ukraine, understand local people and feel the spirit of the country. We pay special attention to each client and to each travel group. An average tour usually takes from 7 to14 days.

5. Welcome dinner in a Ukrainian restaurant and other surprises from our team

You can find all details about our fixed schedule tours on our website. Everyone is welcome to join a group trip around Ukraine.

Looking forward to your travel request!

Let’s enjoy Ukraine together!

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